6,0 m, NEUTRIK rectangular plug 6,3 mm mono SILENT red gold / plug 6,3 mm mono metal gold

25.500 Ft

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The Cordial Metal cable, highly appreciated and cherished by musicians, meets the most diverse musical requirements combined in one product, our “Silent Plug variant”:

  • extremely pure sound due to oxygen-free material (99.9 % OFC) for all cable components made of copper,
  • resilience paired with flexibility due to the use of high-level and extremely sophisticated technical components,
  • the elimination of annoying noise when plugging and unplugging the instrument (ensured by the patented NEUTRIK Silent Plug technology)
  •  and a design, which is, at the same time, exceptional and appealing.

Finally, if you’re looking for a particularly space-saving, snug plug design, the patented NEUTRIK Silent plug with reed switch will make our CSI RP-METAL-SILENT with its rectangular Silent Plug your means of choice.

You should always bear in mind never to insert the SILENT plug into the amp output socket; the muting effect won’t work if the plugs activate the guitar’s power supply.

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Raktáron lévő termékek esetében a szállítási idő várhatóan 2 munkanap.
A szállítás díja 20 000 Ft értékű rendelés alatt bruttó 2000 Ft, 20 000 Ft értékű rendelés felett pedig díjtalan.
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