9,0 m, NEUTRIK plug 6,3 mm mono SILENT red gold / plug 6,3 mm mono CC green

32.000 Ft

Engedélyezett utánrendelésre


The resilience of the Cordial “ROAD” line cables is legendary and experts consider the CRI PP to be an almost indestructible guitar cable. So, what could be more obvious than adding a supplementary benefit to the extreme tour-suitability of Cordial’s long-lasting favorite and offer you this new variant?

Equipped with the famous red SILENT plug, the CRI PP SILENT is not only great to handle on stage, but also prevents annoying amplifier crackling and humming when changing instruments while the amp volume is turned up – an especially beneficial attribute when playing Live gigs.

CRI PP-SILENT – the Cordial stage monster for guitar and bass players.

You should always bear in mind never to insert the SILENT plug into the amp output socket; the muting effect won’t work if the plugs activate the guitar’s power supply.

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Raktáron lévő termékek esetében a szállítási idő várhatóan 2 munkanap.
A szállítás díja 20 000 Ft értékű rendelés alatt bruttó 2000 Ft, 20 000 Ft értékű rendelés felett pedig díjtalan.
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