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Modena wireless prezentációs központ

A Modena az egyetlen rendszer, amely valóban vezeték nélküli interakciót biztosít egy terem AV felszerelésével
Huddle room, Kis- és közepes tárgyalószoba, Tárgyaló- és konferenciaterem

Modena Wireless Presentation Systems*

Cable-free collaboration in any space!

Modena wireless presentation systems let you stop wasting time and start collaborating. Accessing a space’s AV equipment and sharing content with colleagues in the room or remotely has never been easier.

Modena is the only system that provides a truly wireless interaction with a room’s AV equipment.

With Modena, every laptop, tablet, or mobile device can both share screens with a display and receive content, resulting in more comfortable meetings. By eliminating impediments like HDMI cables, adaptors, and dongles, Modena brings out the best in BYOD.

*Modena Hub is the new name for the Huddle Hub product family. All Huddle Hub branded products will continue to be supported during and after the transition to the new name, regardless of whether a unit says Huddle Hub One, One+, or Modena Hub, or Hub+.

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Wireless Presentation Systems:

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